Inquisite is a collaborative research application built on social media principles.

Responding to the data-gathering potential of mobile devices, it provides the means to organize and analyze this new influx of information. Inquisite uses proven techniques developed for archival organization and social networks to create a system of tools designed to streamline all stages of the investigative process and encourage the formation of open research communities.

If you are a biologist, journalist, citizen scientist, activist, historian or anyone who wants to open up your research, Inquisite will connect you with users who can watch or join the effort to contextualize, discuss and interpret your data.

Collect data anywhere using your mobile device. Upload a wide variety of audio, video, image and document formats.
Automatically classify and organize acquired content based upon your context (geographic location, orientation, time of day, ambient noise level, etc.).
"Fork" existing data sets to jump start your own project, or “merge” data sets from different projects to leverage the work of colleagues.
Properly label materials with a set of copyright tools. Control how much data you share using access tools.
Track changes and undo mistakes with change histories and versioning.
Visualize and publish data as timeplots, graphs, timelines, and maps.

Inquisite is a project developed by Whirl-i-Gig with generous support provided by the
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation's Prototype Fund and New York University

Inquisite is developed by Whirl-i-Gig, the New-York-based team behind CollectiveAccess, open-source collections management and presentation software designed for museums, archives, and special collections. Whirl-i-Gig has significant experience developing software and processes for long-term, large scale research projects.

Inquisite is the distillation of this previous work into a generally applicable, easy to use research support tool. To learn more about CollectiveAccess and its user community, see

Support generously provided by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation's Prototype Fund.

Knight's mission is to promote informed and engaged communities. The foundation does that by investing in innovations in media and journalism, community engagement and the arts.